Latest News

JULY 17, 2021 – We had an awesome Judo Seminar with Sensei Danny James. It’s always a great time when he’s in town. And congratulations on him getting his Yondan (4th degree red/black belt).

JULY 31, 2021 – We had a great time at the ATJA Judo National Tournament in Atlanta, GA. Solid work by Coaches Jason, Jesse, and Alex.

Coaches Jesse, Josh, Jason, and Alex

AUGUST 10, 2021 – Coach Josh earned his black belt (shodan) in Judo from Danny James and Gus Daniels of Leon County Judo. Coach Jason earned the last level of brown belt (ikkyu) and Jesse Snow earned green belt. Congratulations, guys.

Sensei Danny James, Coach Josh, and Sensei Gus Daniels

OCTOBER 7, 2021 – Congratulations to our newest blue belts, Reed Coulter and Megan Simone. Great job on your hard work and moving up to the next step.

Megan and Reed freshly promoted to blue belt.

NOVEMBER 4, 2021 – Congratulations to our newest purple belts, Alex Joyner and Jesse Snow. Both of these guys have been the backbone of Redemption for several years. They help coach and teach as needed. Great job, guys.

FEBRUARY 19, 2022 – Josh White is hosting the Nick Goodly Invitational. This is an awesome tournament and is always full of good competition.

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